Care Instructions

To ensure your Alix of Bohemia garment lasts for many years, we suggest some simple care instructions. When our garments are given a little care, they get even softer and better over time:

1. First, it’s important that garments with washing instructions are washed cold and hung to dry and never dry cleaned. Dry cleaning is not only harmful to the environment, but it breaks down the natural fibers in garments, making them fragile and brittle over time. 

2. Select a cool and gentle cycle on your washing machine

3. Make sure to wash your garments with like colors and gentle laundry soap, never bleach.   

4. When the cycle is finished, lightly shake out your garment and place on a wire or felt hanger and hang to dry, or lie flat on a drying rack. 

5. If your piece needs ironing, we suggest a warm iron or a light steam.