Garment Care Instructions

To ensure your Alix of Bohemia garment lasts for many years, we suggest some simple care instructions. Please check the garment’s care label.

Please note that due to our commitment to only using natural fibers without any chemicals, our garments may become wrinkled in transit. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working on an environmentally friendly solution. We suggest a simple steam or medium temperature iron setting to smooth out the garment. Thank you for understanding!

Washing Instructions

Our washable garments, when given the right care, get even softer and better over time. It is one our constant focus to create pieces that our customers will love even more over time. Think as your shirt as your favorite pair of denim jeans that adopt to your body and slowly start fading in all the right places. 

It’s important that garments with washing instructions are not dry cleaned.

Dry cleaning breaks down the natural fibers in garments, making them fragile and brittle over time. Select a delicate/gentle wash cycle. Set the water temperature to cold.

Alternatively, you may gently hand wash the garment in cold water. Use gentle laundry detergent and wash your garments with like colors. Never use bleach, which is too harsh on the fibers, and will destroy prints and colors.When the cycle is finished, lightly shake out your garment.

Hang dry on a wire/felt hanger or lay flat on a drying rack. If your piece needs ironing, we suggest a low heat iron or a light steam.

Dry Clean Only Garments

For our garments that are dry clean only, take them to your preferred dry cleaners for professional cleaning. For items that are beaded or heavily embroidered, make sure the dry cleaner understands how to care for these pieces in cleaning.