Made by Artists

Made by Artists


Our Commitment

Alix of Bohemia is committed to working with artisans, creating garments that embrace traditional processes: hand embroidery, hand beading, hand block printing, hand quilting and hand weaving. Everything we make bears hand-made elements. Here is a selection of some of our favorite heirlooms.


We will always choose a hand process that takes ten times as long as a machine process because it is a hundred times more magical. Everything involves a person, it involves a family, it involves a generation, it involves a history—and that I think is really emotional and poetic.


It is our hope with Alix of Bohemia that you find a piece in the collection and you really love it, like you loved something when you were a kid. You wash it a million times and it gets better with age…you love it as it gets softer. The intention is to create something that accompanies you on all of your adventures and that you’ll keep forever.

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